Windows Admin Center

What is Windows Admin Center ?

Windows Admin Center is a Web Based Application which can be deployed on your local machine or server to mange the Windows Servers and Client Machines. You can manage Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (Limited Management).

How to Download Windows Admin Center (WAC)

Link to Download the WAC:

Installation and Configuration

Windows Admin center can be deployed on Windows 10 1709 or later version and Windows Server 2016 or later operating systems.Installation is very easy, Download Windows Admin Center using the above Link and save the msi file on the disk.

Save the WindowsAdminCenter1904.1 msi

Right click on the msi and click on Install

Read the License Agreement and then click on I accept the terms in the License Agreement.

Choose the option to Use Microsoft Update when i check for updates. This will automatically keep your Windows Admin Center Updated via Windows updates.

Click Next on the below Screen.

Enable the checkbox in below screen so that Windows Admin Center can install self signed cert on your machine. In case you are using your Internal CA cert or a Third Party Cert then you can also provide it later in the Wizard.

In my case as this is my test environment, I enabled the Radio button Generate a self-signed SSL certificate. If you already have a Internal CA Certificate Installed on the server or a Third Party Certificate then you can provide the thumbprint of the certificate here. Enable the Checkbox Redirect HTTP port 80 traffic to HTTPS

Installation Progress

Installation has been completed successfully. Open the URL for Windows Admin Center. In my case, it automatically provided me with URL https://DC1-2019:443. Copy it or click on it to launch WAC.

Type the Admin Credentials and Click Sign in

Finally !! You can see the Windows Admin Center Web Page. Here it shows dc1-2019 server as a Gateway Server. You can add the servers which you want to manage by clicking on Add button.

What can be managed using Windows Admin Center ?

Displaying resources and resource utilization
Certificate Management
Managing Devices
Event Viewer
File Explorer
Firewall Management
Managing Installed Apps
Configuring Local Users and Groups
Network Settings
Viewing/Ending Processes and Creating Process Dumps
Registry Editing
Managing Scheduled tasks
Managing Windows Services
Enabling/Disabling Roles and Features
Managing Hyper-V VMs and Virtual Switches
Managing Storage
Managing Storage Replica
Managing Windows Updates
PowerShell console
Remote Desktop connection

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