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Powershell: Set Calendar Permissions on Office365 for list of users given in CSV File

Sharing a script to Set/Apply the Calendar permissions on list of users as mentioned in the CSV File. Please see the format of the CSV file. I created and utilized the script when i migrated Exchange 2010 users to Office 365. Exported the Calendar Permissions of all the users from Exchange 2010 and then saved it in a csv file (as you can see in below screenshot) and Applied the permissions using this script. Please see the screenshots and use the help information in the script to know more details.

The Script will try to establish connection with Office365 first. Please provide appropriate username and password to provide relevant permissions to execute this script. Please also keep 2-3 users first in UserList.csv file first and before running it on all the users. This is a best practice i follow to make sure the script will run successfully on all the users.

UserList.csv File Format (Please make sure to keep the same headers (Mailbox,User,AccessRights) as in the Below file:

Example I

Dot Source the Script 

PS> . D:\Scripts\Set-CalendarPermission.ps1

PS> Get-Help Set-CalendarPermissions

Example II (Execution of the Script)


Download the Script from Microsoft TechNet Gallery. Set-CalendarPermission



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