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How to: Fix Google Chrome Aw, Snap! Error Message on Citrix XenApp Server

When you launch Google Chrome Application on Citrix XenApp Server. You receive Aw! Snap Error Message (as shown in the screenshot below). I have faced the issues few times. You will get the error message when Launching the Chrome Published app and also when you login on the server and launch the application from there.


You need to Disable Citrix API hooks for Chrome to fix the issue using the Registry Editor on the Citrix XenApp Application Servers:

P.S.: Its always advised to take the backup of registry key where you are making the changes so that you can roll it back if required.

Open Registry Editor but clicking on Start -> Run -> Regedit

Go to HKLMSOFTWAREcitrixCtxHook.
Update the Value of registry Entry ExcludedImagesNames to chrome.exe,nacl64.exe
Create ExcludedImageNames Registry Entry if does not exist under CtxHook
No need to restart the server.
Re-open the Application.

The above solution should fix this issue. I have seen this issue mainly with Citrix XenApp 6.5 with Windows Server 2008 R2 Environments. If the above does not fix the issue. You can try below:

  1. Re-Installation of the Google Chrome and Update it to the Latest Version.
  2. Restart the server and then try to launch the Application again.
  3. Refer to Citrix Article:



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