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Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR – Logon Error- Cannot Complete your Request

I recently got an issue when i tried to access the Citrix Site URL (Externally or Internally) – Logon was successful but as soon as you login on the Website it was throwing below Error: Cannot complete your request.

So, We investigated on the issue and checked the Netscaler’s (NS01) and Storefront servers SF01 and SF02 and found below problems:

Citrix Storefront Base URL was not correct

SSL Certificate was not installed from the Citrix Storefront Servers

NetScaler Gateway STA Servers bindings were not correct

In my case, the certificate file along with private key was not available (you may already have the certificate available with you in PFX format for installation on the Storefront servers). So I had to download it from NetScaler and Install it on the Storefront servers. You can check the post How to Download the Certificate files from NetScaler in PFX Format and Install it on Storefront servers.

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