Powershell: Set AD User Principal Name (UPN) to match with Primary SMTP Email Address

I have created a PS module which i am sharing with you for changing the User Principal Name (UPN) of a user in Active Directory to their Primary SMTP Address. The Module will change the […] Read More

Powershell: Set Calendar Permissions on Office365 for list of users given in CSV File

Sharing a script to Set/Apply the Calendar permissions on list of users as mentioned in the CSV File. Please see theĀ format of the CSV file. I created and utilized the script when i migrated Exchange […] Read More

Powershell: Applying Licenses to list of users on Office365

Summary: Whether the users are provisioned via Azure AD Connect Sync or directly on office365 cloud (In-Cloud Users). We need to allocate and assign the licenses to the users to get certain features and functionality […] Read More

Powershell: Export the list of users and licenses assigned to them from Office 365

Summary: Explains how to use Office 365 PowerShell to determine the Office 365 Licenses that have been assigned to users. —————————————————————————————————————————————————- Connect to Exchange Online (EXO)

Connect to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

[…] Read More

How to: Export and Apply User Mailbox Permissions, Shared Mailbox Permissions and Calendar Folder Permissions using Powershell, Managing SendAs and SendonBehalf (Office365 – Exchange Online)

Export the Access Rights / Permissions assigned to All user mailboxes in Office365.

List the Access Rights / Permissions for a user on all other mailboxes Below command will list the full mailbox permissions […] Read More