Month: September 2019

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Server Decommissioning Checklist

There are various reasons for decommissioning a Citrix XenApp 6.5 server e.g. you have upgraded the Citrix Environment to 7.X or the product is end of life or it could be to save the cost […] Read More

DNS Aging and Scavenging – Explained (Step by Step Instructions)

DNS Aging and Scavenging DNS Aging DNS Aging is a process of identifying the stale resource records from the DNS Server. Stale resource records create issues in the name resolution (by creating duplicate DNS records), […] Read More

How to: Download the Certificate from NetScaler in PFX Format

Once the certificate has been uploaded on the NetScaler in .crt and .key. Its very easy to download it back in the PFX format from the NetScaler. Please follow the below steps and download the […] Read More

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR – Logon Error- Cannot Complete your Request

I recently got an issue when i tried to access the Citrix Site URL (Externally or Internally) – Logon was successful but as soon as you login on the Website it was throwing below Error: […] Read More

Installation of Active Directory Role on Windows Server 2019 using Powershell (Step by Step Instructions)

Active Directory can be installed using the GUI based tools available on the Windows Server by default like Server Manager or via Windows Admin Center (not installed by default). If you want to Install Windows […] Read More

Windows Admin Center

What is Windows Admin Center ? Windows Admin Center is a Web Based Application which can be deployed on your local machine or server to mange the Windows Servers and Client Machines. You can manage […] Read More

Add an Active Directory user to the Local Administrators Group using Group Policy (GPO)

In this post, I will show you how to add a user to the Local Administrators Group on the machines using GPO. Point to note that this procedure is not limited to adding a user […] Read More

How to: Export and Apply User Mailbox Permissions, Shared Mailbox Permissions and Calendar Folder Permissions using Powershell, Managing SendAs and SendonBehalf (Office365 – Exchange Online)

Export the Access Rights / Permissions assigned to All user mailboxes in Office365.

List the Access Rights / Permissions for a user on all other mailboxes Below command will list the full mailbox permissions […] Read More

How to: Fix Google Chrome Aw, Snap! Error Message on Citrix XenApp Server

When you launch Google Chrome Application on Citrix XenApp Server. You receive Aw! Snap Error Message (as shown in the screenshot below). I have faced the issues few times. You will get the error message […] Read More