Why Statcounter is best for beginners?

Web analytic is evolved so much from the era of simple hit counters. It is all about you knowing your website visitors and their activity in your site. It is very important to grow your website and continue to improve user experience for the visitors. But now web analytics is getting complex. There are so many tools available and the popular one is Google analytics. Somehow it is not easy for many beginners the advanced features and often they may not use many of those features.

Statcounter is free web analytics tools to track your visitor activities in your website. Here are the few main reasons why it is best for the beginners.

1. Free: Statcounter is free to start with. It has pro plans but it is not needed to start with. You can easily move from your free plan to pro when you have grown.

2. Quick and Easy Installation: The installation is a breeze. You have an easy guide and you have plenty of options to install.statcounter installation

3. Analytics – Easy to understand The terms are explained in simple english and as a webmaster you can get what is really required to understand and track on web site stats.

The above reasons put statcounter as best choice for beginners.

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