How to View the Cookie in Chrome Browser?

Websites use cookies for various reasons both good and bad. Cookies are simple text files which you can read using any text file reader. Typically, they contain two information:

a site name and unique user ID.

In Europe, from the end of May 2012, a new EU law requires all sites that use cookies to seek your express permission to store and retrieve data about your browsing habits.

Have you ever wondered to see how this cookie file looks? You can open them in Chrome browser.

1. Visit the website for which you want to see the cookies.
2. Open Developer Tools in Chrome by Pressing F12.
3. Click on Resources tab.
4. From below tree view, open Cookies view.
Select the domain from the Cookies view list.
Right hand side view will display all the cookies and other useful information. Hope it helps.
Google Chrome Cookies View

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