Oracle ATG Commerce Tables Related to BCC Projects

This is the list of tables related to the projects in BCC deployments. epub_prj_tg_snsht epub_prj_targt_ws epub_pr_tg_status epub_pr_tg_dp_ts epub_pr_tg_dp_id epub_pr_tg_ap_ts epub_workflow_bls epub_workflow_dbls epub_workflow_lngs epub_workflow_ris epub_workflow_strs epub_workflow_vfs epub_proc_taskinfo epub_taskinfo epub_proc_history epub_proc_prv_prj epub_process epub_project epub_pr_history epub_history epub_int_prj_hist epub_ind_workflow Recommended PostsHow to Delete/Cleanup ATG Profiles from Database? ATG Interview Questions and Answers Client list – ATG, WCS, Hybris, Demandware, Magento, Elasticpath

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