Javascript will be the top Programming Language very soon!

JavascriptClient or Server side programming, Javascript fits and scores well now!
JQuery and Node.js are ruling the web developement. How Javascript has reached this level?

1. JavaScript is one of the easy, adaptable, and useful scripting languages that are used to improve the functionality among websites.
2. JavaScript is used for creating visual effects on screen, calculating data and performing processing on web pages.
3. JavaScript is rocking in the server side programming with libraries like node.js.
4. JavaScript can be used on the client side or the user’s processor. Hence JavaScript helps to relieve strain on the web server.
5. JavaScript can be learnt very easily as the syntax is similar to simple English.
6. JavaScript is comparatively faster. This is because JavaScript code is created on user’s computer, hence processing is done immediately.
7. Third party add-ons help JavaScript developers to write snippets that can be utilized on required web pages.

Still not sure, read this at ReadWriteWeb – Why JavaScript Will Become The Dominant Programming Language Of The Enterprise?

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