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How many Java developers are in the world do you think? Wikipedia states that 9 Million java developers are there worldwide. Undoubtedly java is most popular programming language on the earth and it generated an industry on its own and career for many programmers. There are millions of enterprise, web and mobile applications are running Java and here are some quick facts.

Java witnesses 930 million JRE downloads in a year
3 Billion mobile devices are running Java

Well, that is all good things about Java, But being a Java developer, many faces an obstacle to differentiate in the crowd especially in the job market. If you are working for an Indian outsourcing company the options are slightly different. (Because majority of the developers becomes managers and that is inevitable. Only 3% of them stays as technical resources after 10 years of experience (unconfirmed)).

So how you can differentiate yourself and leap into your career ladder? I have listed some options here and please leave your valuable comments at the end of this article.

Learn JVM languages
There are 50+ JVM languages are available and still counting. The possibility of using other languages in JVM is always an appealing side and many teams do this to gain some quick wins. The JVM languages makes perfect combination with your skillset too. The most popular JVM languages are Scala, JRuby(Java Implementation of Ruby), Jython (Java Implementation of Python), Clojure, Groovy and Rhino.

Learn DevOps
DevOps is a fast growing opportunity and it is very special skill an IT professional could have. You should be an allrounder to be part of a DevOps team who understands and deliver the end to end software lifecycle. Many thinks that this an another name of production support. But it isn’t, the Devops skill is much more than production support. Explore it here.

Learn Niche products/platforms
In IT career, learning a new product is a luck. You may ended up working on product where very few people have that skills are something closed systems where no public documentations or training. For example, ATG (ecommerce platform), PEGA (BPM Tool), IBM Tivoli (Storage, Monitoring), Identity & Access managers (Security, Single Sign-On) etc. In that way programming, deploying for Cloud such as Amazon AWS or Google App Engine is also a special skill.

Learn Mobile development Android/iOS
Mobile is hot and Android and Java is natural mix (both are open). Learning iOS development using Objective C is not hard if you know Java.

Learn BigData/Hadoop
BigData is a growing trend. Big data and Hadoop are the two most popular buzzwords in the industry. Chances are that you have come across these two terms on the Java payscale forums or seen your senior colleagues making the switch to get bigger paychecks. I’ll tell you what, the upgrade from Java to Hadoop is not just about staying updated with the latest technology or getting appraisals – it’s about being competent and putting your career on the fifth gear.

The good news for all the aspiring Hadoop developers is that, the Big Data industry has already crossed the $50 billion dollar mark and over 64% of the top 720 companies worldwide are interesting to invest in this forward-thinking technology as revealed by Gartner in 2013.

If that’s not convincing, here is the stats:

1. According to an IDC report, the Big Data industry is growing at the rate of 31.7% per year.
2. Java developers are seen as the best replacement option for Hadoop developers, says Forrester.
3. Hadoop developers enjoy a mighty 250% pay hike than Java developers, as stated in an Analytics Industry Report.

Apache Hadoop is a tool for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers which will provide computation and storage. Hadoop is designed to scale from single to thousands of servers which deliver high availability at the application layer.

Unlike the traditional databases which weren’t capable of dealing with large volumes of data, Hadoop offers the quickest, cheapest, and smartest way to store and process giant volumes of data – and that’s the reason why it is so popular among big corporations, government organizations, hospitals, universities, financial services, online marketing agencies, etc. The best way to familiarize with the language is to check out a beginner’s big data hadoop course online.

Learn more about Hadoop here.

Learn Architecture Styles and Specialize
If you want to move on to the next level from programming then Design and Architecture is a natural choice. SOA, REST, CLOUD/SAAS are various choices you can choose from.

Not sounds good! Then share with others your idea or what you are doing?


  • Mouli

    Hey your content is useful buddy, thank for that,
    Do you have any suggestion for me, I am a java developer with around 8 years exp, worked in core java , sruts, SOA side. have very good knowledge in db side like oracle , sql server.

    now I am thinking to chnage my careerie or take my career to next step but donot want to hook into architecture style bcs if i choose it, after 4 to 5 years again i need to think some thing same again.

    so can you please suggest some thing for me. I mostly interested in some thing related like tools or some db related products and db work.

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