Open Source PIM (Product Information Management) Systems

A Product Information Management (also known as PIM, PCM or Products MDM in Retail/eCommerce world) is a tool that help merchandisers to centralize and enrich all the Product Information (technical and marketing etc) of their catalogs and products. Here is the list of leading Open source (PIM/PCM/MDM for Products) products.

Akeneo PIM Open Source Akeneo is an open source PIM (Product Information Management) System designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multi-channel needs. Akeneo is based on Symfony 2 (PHP Framework) and designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multi-channel needs. Akeneo founded in 2012 by a Franco-American team. –

PimCore Open Source PIM Platform PIMCORE is a Premier Open Source PIM platform. Pimcore is an award-winning content/product management framework and multi-channel e-commerce platform based on open standards, like the Zend Framework, PHP and MySQL. The PIMCore content management system is licensed under a modified BSD license (details below). Pimcore is good add-on for Magento, which allows the management of rich content in the manner of a CMS, product information and media. Pimcore’s frontend GUI interface is 100% powered by the renown ExtJS Javascript library. –

IcePIMICEPIM Icecat’s Product Information Management (PIM) system is made available as open source. It is developed and in use since 2001 as a high-volume multilingual editorial environment for handling millions of product data-sheets simultaneously. It’s based on Icecat’s own editor backoffice, which is supporting 35+ languages, and millions of product data-sheets belonging to 5500+ different brands. The XML exports are used by some 20,000 ecommerce websites. It is developed in Perl/MySQL. It underlines that IcePIM is stress-tested. Step by step, the open source version is made more user-friendly and more easy to install. –

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