Oracle ATG BCC – How to Get all Conflicting Projects?


BCC Projects Lock Conflict

BCCMerchandisers often get BCC project deployment issue due to conflict which is most common error in BCC. This is not really an error in BCC, but a warning message which state that the project cannot be deployed as it contain some asset which are in process of deployment as part of the other project in the queue (may be by some other user).
We can check the asset(s) which are/is the asset(s) which are/is part of the deployment as part of some other project and also get project name. We can click on the locked conflict tab in the project work flow screen and find out the project. Otherwise below SQL queries will help you to find the conflicting projects in BCC. Run these queries in publishing schema.

SQL Query to find all conflicting projects

SQL Query to find all conflicting projects for one particular asset

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