ATG Certification Sample Questions

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ATG Features, Basics, DAF, Nucleus Framework, Prcessors, Pipelines

How does the ATG’s pipeline manager identify the next element in the pipeline to be executed within a chain?
A. using datainthe Profile Marker
B. through the Pipeline registry XML data
C. using datainthe Order marker
D. via the transition taginPipeline Definition Files
E. by using the component configuration of the pipeline manager component
Answer: E

Identify three key features of Oracle ATG Web Commerce Platform’s B2C Commerce module
A. LiveHelp
B. Abandoned Cart
C. Recovery Purchasing Workflow Management such as support for Purchase Orders and
D. Pricing and Order engines
E. Scheduled Orders
Answer: A,C,D

ATG Repositories, Transactions

Which three query types are NOT supported by the SQL repository?
A. includesAll
B. elementAt
C. indexOf
D. starts with
E. ignorecase
Answer: A,B,C


Which component should a shareable component be registered with?
A. /atg/multisite/SiteGroupManager
B. /atg/multisite/SiteConfiguration
C. /atg/multisite/SharedComponentConfiguration
D. /atg/nucleus/multisite
Answer: A

In an ATG multisite installation, identify three strategies that ATG employs to determine request is associated with.
A. sticky session based
B. sticky site parameter based
C. domainbased
D. path based
E. configuration File
Answer: B,C,D

In a multisite environment, what is the default sharing behavior of user profiles?
A. They are shared across all the sites.
B. They are not shared and hence are separate across the sites.
C. They can be configuredinto groups that specify the sharing behavior.
D. There is no default behavior. It needs to be custom designed and implemented.
Answer: A

What must be configured to share all gift lists across all sites?
A. set /atg/commerce/gifts/GiftlistManager.siteScope=all
B. Make GiftlistManager extend atg.multisite.ShareableSiteGroup.
C. Register GiftListManager with the ATG’s SiteManager as Sharable using BCC.
D. Gift lists cannot be shared and are specific to a given site.
Answer: A

Scenarios, Adaptive Scenario Engine, ACC, BCC, Schedulers, Workflow

Which two Adaptive Scenario Engine (ASE) tasks can be performed from the ACC but not the BCC?
A. creating a custom product catalog
B. creating targeters
C. creating scenarios
D. creating slots
E. creating products and SKUs
Answer: C,D

Identify three features of Oracle ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine that drive personalized customer experience.
A. rule based content targeting including personalized recommendations, offers, information sells,
up sells, promotions
B. management and processing of purchase orders and requisitions
C. content indexing and management/administration of search facets
D. business rule driven scenarios for delivering dynamic web pages
E. time- and event based multistage scenarios
Answer: A,D,E

The default Task for a merchandiser in ATG workflow after production deployment is complete

A. Verify Production Deployment
B. RevertDeployment
C. Close Project
D. Approve Production Deployment
E. Commit updates
Answer: D

ATG Code Related

Consider the following code snippet:

<dsp: param name = "first" value = "joe"/>
<dsp:droplet name "printName">
<dsp:param name = "last" value = "Bruin"/>

To get an output of “Joe Bruin”, which two methods should the droplet use in the code?
A. getLocalParameter(“first”) and getLocalParamter(“last”)
B. getParameter(“first”) and getLocalParameter(“last”)
C. getLocalParameter(“first”) and getParameter(“last”)
D. getPageParameter(“first”) and getParameter(“last”)
Answer: D

When would you use the QueryOptions class?
A. to get database-specific hints for query optimization
B. to limit the size of the result set, direct how the result set should be sorted, and pre cache
specified properties
C. for optimization, providing values to parameterized queries, and database hints
D. No suchclass exists.
Answer: B

ATG Personalization, User Profiles, Authentication

Select two features provided by the ATG Personalization module.
A. User Profiling
B. Content Targeting
C. Personalized Returns Handling
D. Purchase Tracking
E. Order Management after order has been placed
Answer: A,B

If a company would like to serve personalization content based on the last item viewed by the
customer. What is the highest level of scope (Global being highest) that the slot component can

A. Global
B. Session
C. Request
D. Window
Answer: B

What is the primary mechanism used by ATG to record user site navigation activity on the profile?
A. a combination of a DMS event and listening scenario that can update the profile directly
B. setting property data directly on the user’s profile using the tag
C. Implicit. ATG monitors all activities and keeps track of all user activity.
D. There is no out of-the-box behavior for this. It must be built out by the implemented
Answer: C

To encrypt userID cookie, what must you do?
A. Edit property cookieHashKey of /atg/userprofiling/CookieManager
B. Add encryptionKey on /atg/userprofiling/ProfileTools
C. Ensure property securityStatus of user is SECURE-SIGNin
D. Set property secured = true of component CookiePipelineServlet
Answer: A

Pricing, Promotions

Which three methods are defined by the ItemPricingCalculator interface?
A. getPrice
B. priceEachItem
C. priceItem
D. priceOrder
E. priceSku
F. priceItems
Answer: B,C,F

If you want to access the list of the customer’s active and global promotions, which pricing will you

A. PricingEngine
B. PricingTools
C. PricingModelHolder
D. PricingCalculator
Answer: C

What role does the Qualifier play in ATG Commerce?
A. It extends Scheduler to reload qualified global promotions.
B. It determines if any Item qualifies for the discount and which pieces should receive the
C. It qualifies the item and then applies the discount to the item.
D. It’s a collection class attached to the ItemPricingEngine with a list of qualified items.
Answer: B

Your site supports configurable commerce Items and you want to enable price list based pricing.
How would you configure the /atg/commerce/pricing/ItemPricingEngine?

A. preCalculators=\
B. preCalculators=\
C. preCalculators=\
D. preCalculators=\
Answer: B

Which three pricing engines use the Qualifier class to determine the objects to which it should a

A. ItemPricingEngine
B. DiscountPricingEngine
C. OrderPricingEngine
D. ShippingPricingEngine
E. PromotionEngine
Answer: A,C,D

What would be the Ground and Expedited shipping prices for an order of a single item with a price of 15.99 and having a weight of 42 with this configuration (assume no active shipping promotions)?

PreCalculators =\
ranges =\
ranges =\

A. Ground: 4.50, Expedited: 10.00
B. Ground: 10.00, Expedited: 10.00
C. Ground: 4.99, Expedited: 4.99
D. Ground: 9.49, Expedited: 14.99
Answer: D

Which statement about Importing or exporting ATG promotions is true?
A. Promotions can be imported only into the Asset Management instance of ATG
B. PromotionImportExportintegrator must be used to map the ATG Commerce Promotions with
your external system.
C. The list of promotions exported is controlled by either providing the list of IDs of the promotions
to be exported OR by providing an RQL query that returns the required list.
D. You can import only PMDL version 2 (ATG 10 promotions) with the ATG Promotions
Import/Export API.
E. Import or Export Closeness Qualifiers is not supported by the ATG Promotions Import/Export
Answer: C

What is the name of the property in the customer profile that contains a list of PromotionStatus
Repository Items?

A. customerPromotions
B. activePromotions
C. globalPromotions
D. usedPromotions
Answer: B

Basket, Order, Checkout, Payment, Shipping, Fulfilment

What is the state of a newly created order?
Answer: B

Which repository is used to store information about converted orders?
A. /atg/commerce/order/OrderRepository
B. /atg/commerce/order/abandoned/AbandonedOrderLogRepository
C. /atg/userprofiling/ProfileAdapterRepository
D. Converted ordersinformation is not storedinthe repository.
Answer: B

What must you configure for ATG to charge the payment on the first shipment?
A. Configure settlementStepinPaymentManager.
B. This is handled OOTB. ATG always settles on last shipmentinaccordance with PCI compliance
C. Configure SettleOnFirstShipment on OrderFulfiller.
D. Nothing. ATG assumes settlement was done when order was placed.
E. Write custom codeinHardgoodFulfiller
Answer: C

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