ATG Interview Questions and Answers

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ATG Interview QuestionsHere are the commonly asked Oracle ATG Commerce Interview Questions. Feel free to add your feed back in the comments.

What is ATG? and What is its new Name?
ATG is a short form Art Technology Group which founded the ATG and created the ATG products and platform. ATG was acquired by Oracle and it is known as Oracle Commerce now.

What are the core components of ATG Platform?
ATG Core components are

DAF (Dynamo Application Framework)
DAS (Dynamo App server)
DPS (Dynamo Personilisation Server)
DSS (Dynamo Scenario Server)
DCS – Dynamo Commerce Server
ATG CA (Content Administration) or ATG Publishing or known as BCC Module.

What is Nucleus?

ATG nucleus provides a component-centric development framework. The ATG Web applications are nothing but individual JavaBean components assembled together. These JavaBean components are configured and linked together by .properties files within Nucleus Framework. Each service in nucleus is packaged as a JavaBean or collection of JavaBeans. These JavaBeans are configured individually and mounted into a namespace. The beans are interconnected with the beans representing other services. Nucleus is responsible for interpreting the component configurations and the management of the component namespace.

Dynamo uses the Nucleus framework to organize components into a hierarchical structure (similar to a File directory structure). Each Nucleus service has a unique Nucleus name. For example, the default javax.sql.DataSource component is located at
Nucleus provides a hierarchical namespace container for java beans, which is a place to live so they can be referenced by other components. By reading the .properties files associated with each component, Nucleus which figures out that which components are to be used in an application ,initializes them to their default values and how decides about how they connect to each other. This model makes development easier by configuring and using the out of the box or pre-built components.

What is a component in ATG?
ATG component is a configuration file (a simple text file with .properties extension), which uses a java class.

What are the scope of ATG Dynamo Components?
The scope of Dynamo Components are
– session
– request
– Global
– Page
The default scope of any component is Global if it is not defined explicitly.

What is the default Scope of a Component?
The default scope of a ATG Nucleus component is Global.

What are the two methods in a component?
The two methods in an ATG component are getters & setters

What are the difference between FormHandler, droplet and servlet?
The difference between FormHandler, droplet and servlet are,

  • FormHandlers are used capture the data submitted through the form and to perform validation of the submitted data through the HTML forms.
  • Droplet is an ATG Component and it is used to put or render data in the database. It is also known as ServletBeans.
  • Servlet is used to submit data and it acts as a controller.

What are the two types of Servlet Pipelines in ATG?
There are two types of request handling servlet pipelines used by ATG Dynamo
– DAS Servlet pipeline – This handles the JHTML requests and available in Dynamo App Server Framework
– DAF Servlet Pipeline – This handles the JSP/DSP requests

what is the difference between dsp and dspel tags?
DSP tags : DSP tag library tags support runtime expressions. These tags use an id attribute to name the scripting variables they create.
DSPEL tag : DSPEL tag library tags support JSTL Expression Language (EL) elements that are also evaluated at runtime.

Which is the most appropriate usage of ItemLookupDroplet?
When we need to get the complete item info/attributes by passing the item id as an input parameter to the droplet.

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