9 Must Things to Monitor in Your Website

1. Uptime or Availability
Is your Site Up and running? As a bare minimum you should have up-time monitoring.

2. Performance – Full Page Speed
How your web site is performing in end users computer? How much time it takes to load the full page? You need to measure them and optimize if required. If you are running an eCommerce website, then this is your top priority to see that the web experience from the end user’s perspective.

3. Geographical Availability
Is your site users are spread in multiple countries then you should monitor websites, then monitor your websites from multiple locations especially where your base is dense.

4. Malware or Virus Scan
If your site appeared in virus warning indexes your traffic and reputation would suffer – and you could even be de-listed by the major search engines. With a comprehensive monitoring in place you can avoid this damage for your brand.

5. SSL Certificate Monitoring for HTTPS page
if your site runs on HTTPs then you should check the validity of the certificate and you should get a warning if it’s close to expiration or any security concerns that are raised about your certificate provider.

6. Multi-Browser or Cross Browser Monitoring
Cross-Browser Monitoring can measure website performance in Firefox, IE and Google Chrome browsers. Cross-browser monitoring quickly identifies browser-specific problems and performance differences in how browsers load source code, images and third-party objects.

With so many people using many different browsers on a daily basis, you should monitor your website in multiple browsers.

7. Error Messages
Check your most important pages for errors, e.g. get an alert if the string “404 Error” is included in the source code.

8. Broken Links
There are tons of online link checking tool to find broken links on your site. You should check for broken links periodically and fix it when broken link is found.

9. Mobile Site/App monitoring
Mobile sites are another important channels in which the websites are consumed. You can extend your monitors for the mobile sites as they do not need any special configurations. If you customer base is having a considerable number of mobile users then this should be in your monitoring list.

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