Why Hybris is Popular and Growing Faster than its Competitors?



  1. It is built on Popular Technology Stack – Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate and all these technologies are proven, popular among Java developers. You don’t need a pricy Java application servers to run the Hybris, Yes Tomcat is enough for the product use. Sounds simpler than lot of fat Enterprise ecommerce software here right? Yes that’s one of the key reason why Hybris scores high when compared with competitor’s suite. If you consider the top 5 enterprise ecommerce products (B2C), all of them are written in Java, But hybris scores high among them for various reason. I will write them in an another post.
  2. Learning curve of the Hybris Platform is comparatively less – Hybris is simpler to learn and do things when compared to the other platforms. Hybris comes handy with tools and documents to build a capability in various teams like IT, application developers, operations, Back office users (Merchandisers, site administrators). If you have an existing IT teams which works in Java, then you don’t need to worry about training them. They can learn and work in Hybris with fairly smaller learning curve.
  3. Skill set is not scarce – A decent java developer can become productive in less than 30 days in Hybris Platform. You don’t need to run a recruitment campaigns by spending money. You will get dozens of agencies and system integrators in any part of the world now. Just ask Hybris to suggest a good development partner.
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  5. Product proposition is more suitable for Small and Medium Companies – How? If you look at the Hybris product closely, it fits well in any architecture and you don’t need to go through the extensive integration. For enterprise Customers this provides more agility and compatibility with their existing infrastructure investments.
  6. Comes with PCM (Product Content Management), OMS (Order Management System) and Reporting Modules – This is boon for Small and Medium businesses who do not have a ERP centric organisation and who do not use the purpose built applications like Sterling OMS for Order Management or STIBO for PIM(Product Information Management). For large enterprises this is not a question. But small and medium organisation where they require a PIM or OMS capability, just pay for these additional modules and avail in Hybris platform. (Hybris comes with these modules and allows you to buy them individually)
  7. More deployment choices – On Premises, Managed, Public or Private Cloud and think of any possibility with Hybris. And Hybris released a YaaS in 2015 to realise the PaaS market. YaaS is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) version of the Hybris Commerce Platform which is built with micro services architecture principles. So, your ecommerce functionality is offered as hosted version in cloud which can be seamlessly integrated in your business to enable the ecommerce capability.
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  9. Owned by SAP – Hybris is owned by SAP and it is no longer a small company. The road map looks impressive and I hope it will get better and innovative in coming years.

All the above are my thoughts and this is not a marketing material. I do not work for or work on hybris and I worked in various other competitors products (Demandware, IBM and ATG). Please feel free to share your views.

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