Reviewing the Best Live Chat Software for ECommerce Stores

You can add Live Chat Module to your website to engage your visitors in a ROI leading way and provide the industry standard customer support on-the-fly. Modern Live Chat programs also allows you monitoring the visitors’ traffic, their navigation history, sending offline messages, sending emails to customers, and to do other helpful tasks. If you search on Web then you will find numerous Chat software programs for the website. Do you know which one is the best? In this write up, we will review the best live chat modules available in the market. You can read about them and make your decision.

123 Live Help

  • Pros: 123 Live Help provides few unique services like SkypeIn Service, Live Keywords, Queue Notifications, and Video Chat. Its Website also offers the Hosting Feature. It also provides plugins for WordPress, phpBB, SMF Chat, Joomla, Mambo, IPB Chat, TypePad, vBulletin, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Moodle, and e107.
  • Cons: We suggest the 123 Live Help to include the Email Integration features so that the Admin/Operators can email to the visitors. We also suggest the company to include a Blog section to keep the visitors updated about their offers.


BoldChat provides five different Live Chat products BoldCCM Enterprise Suite, BoldCCM SMB, BoldChat Premier, BoldChat Pro, and BoldChat Basic.

  • Pros: BoldChat provides a feature ‘Product Chooser’, which helps you to select the best BoldChat product for your Website. In addition, you can take advantage of its ‘Website Evaluation’ feature that tests your Website and shows how good your current Live Chat product is. Its Sale Recovery Technology, actually chat recapture functionality, retains the visitors when no operator is available online. The other positive aspects are inbuilt Click-to-Call feature, Salesforce Integration, Email Management, and Remote Control.
  • Cons: BoldChat only provides Monthly Plan. There should other options like half yearly plans, annual plans, and license based plan for permanent usage.


  • Pros: The positive and unique features of ChatStat are Live Language Translation, and integration of Instant Messengers within Live Chat module. ChatStat provides the basic Live Chat packages starting from $20. The additional features are paid and available on demand. You can select ChatStat to startup the feature on your website and then buy more features, if you need them.
  • Cons: ChatStat must create some packages, which include must need features from On Demand Section and price them as per the competition. Currently, it only provides three basic packages and other features are available on demand. In addition, there should be plans like per year or per license for features on demand.


  • Pros: HelpOnClick provides the features like Live Chat Transfer between Operators, notifications like new visitors entered into chat and ‘User is typing’ messages. In addition, you can also add the pictures of the operators in the Chat. HelpOnClick also allows you geo-locating the visitors, sending canned messages, and Chat transcripts to the users.

  • Cons: Its website does not show that HelpOnClick can be integrated with third-party systems like CMS or CRM etc. The feature page is integrated within Price page. We suggest the company to have separate Feature Page describing features in detail.

Oracle ATG Live Help

Previously, this Live Chat Software was known as InstantService. Now, it is a part of Oracle ATG Live Help.

  • Pros: Provide three different services like ATG Click to Call, ATG Click to Chat, and ATG Email Response in one package. It offers secure deployment of the chat modules on https or 128-bit SSL Websites.
  • Cons: The pricing of the service – ATG Live Help is not declared on the Website. You have to create an account with ATG, add the service to your ‘My ATG Briefcase’, and then you can move ahead with the purchasing options. We suggest the company to show the pricing prior asking the visitors to sign up and add to shopping cart.


  • Pros: Live2Support is one easy to use and integrate module available online. Its positive aspects are Auto Chat Pop-ups, Multilingual, Cross-Compatibility with different platforms, and 99.5% Plus Up-time.
  • Cons: Most of the Websites are running on CMS so the company should provide the CMS Integration feature as well. The integration of Chat links and module in other channels like Mobile Apps or Emails must be included to capture more market share.


  • Pros: The unique positive aspects of LiveChatNow! are Live Text Preview of Visitors’ Chat, Tray Icon, and Auto Answer. In addition, it allows you engaging the clients in a Live Proactive and Auto Proactive manners.
  • Cons: The company has not declared whether its Chat module can be easily integrated into CMSs and CRMs. The Feature list is small as per the market comparison. It should add more features and they can provide them on on-demand basis like ChatStat.


  • Pros: There is only two-step process to install LiveHelp Module to your Website. In addition, it is the only one provider to offer Mobile Chat modules for operators on major mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Android, Palm WebOS, iPhone OS, and BlackBerry OS.
  • Cons: The company should provide CMS integration modules by default as most of the Websites are running on any CMS.

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