Optimise your ECommerce site experience for the 5 types of Shoppers

buyAn internet user is not always a potential customer to you, But you can make them one. An online shopper look for many things in internet and generally they are having something specific in their mind and heavily influenced by one or few factors. So meeting the expectation of the classes of online buyer is tough task and it needs a deeper analysis to understand the customer and usual browsing habits. With the pattern of browsing habit you can categorise them and target them effectively to convert them in to your potential customers. Generally, There are 5 types of e-commerce shoppers. To convert these shoppers effectively and increase your sales, you will need to understand their need and online behavior as well.

“I love spending time on your store to find inspiration and I will buy something from your shop if I like what I see.”

This is something generic behavior and a large number of people in all the segments do this very often in the internet.

Browsers want to see what’s new, what’s popular and what’s on sale, Provide sharing widgets to allow browsers to share their favorite finds with their friends

“I want to buy something, I found in your site, but I’m not sure to leave my contacts with you. I prefer to stay unknown until you prove the worthiness of this buying experience.”

You need go an extra mile to add value to this customer and simply to create a best customer experience possible. One-Time buyers need to trust you quickly to provide you with their information. Provide a best service to remove their fear.
These shoppers are not familiar with your site and they are just trying out in many cases. Mostly they appreciated sites that allowed them to make a purchase without requiring them to create an account.

“I am here to buy a particular product or brand and I know exactly what I want. I am focused on purchase and I need the web site to allow me to buy it quickly.”

This type of customer may care only product and buying or regular buyer (placed recurring orders). To attract this type of customers, Provide easy access to previously purchased items for simple reorder. A clear identification of each product through the descriptive names and good product images. An express checkout may allow them to make purchases as easier as possible.

“I am looking for something specific and I am very particular about that. I am in your site, But I’m not buying your product until I’ve thoroughly researched and compared it with all the other options I have, this may include online and offline.”

This type of customers are really tricky and a true omni-channel experience may help you to win them. You need to create a trust to show case them that you are best seller to buy the item they are looking for. If Researchers see that your site offers detailed product descriptions, excellent support, and clear navigation, they’re more likely to buy from your site. Convert Researchers into buyers by becoming a reliable source of information. User reviews for social proof a additional level of personalization and a hassle free buying experience that retain these customer between visits.

“I love deals and bargains. Show me a best deal and I’m ready to consider buying. I spend time looking for the best deals possible in all the channels.”

Promotions, Coupons and referral are the easy ways to attract the Deal seekers and Bargain Hunters. Just Make it easy for them by offering promotions (in some cases exclusive), special coupons and worthy referral benefits.
While doing all these you make sure you are displaying sale items alongside full-priced inventory, as well as providing a clear and bold display of discounted items to make them aware of the benefits they have had in this purchase. Do whatever it takes to make them feel like they’re important and getting a great deal.

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