Hybris Interview Questions 2

Here are some questions for you to prepare for a Hybris Interview. There are some more basic questions available here.

What is an extension. And how many types of extensions exists in hybris?

Explain the steps to create an extension in Hybris Platform?

What are the new features available in latest version of hybris 5.1?

What is impex?

What are the different modes in which impex scripts can be executed?

What is HMC?

Explain the relation between types?

Please explain Hybris Type System.

How to synchronize Product?

How to setup a Category?

How to associate product to Category?

What are the steps involved to create a scheduled job/cronjob in hybris platform?

How to mention that code should be executed during system initialization or system update?

How to define in which extension the code should be executed?

What is process engine in Hybris? Different types of nodes in process engine?

What is the difference between autocreate and generate attributes for a type in items.xml?

How to declare dependency in an extension over another extension?

What is module gen?

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