New Features in Hybris Commerce Suit 5.1

Hybris server supports Apache Tomcat 7
The new hybris Server is now based on Apache Tomcat version 7.0.41. Hybris platform Developers can do the development with Servlet 3.0 web applications with great ease of deployment, asynchronous support, annotation driven style and many other features.
As part of this release VMWare tcServer (Tomcat Enterprise server) has been removed from the Hybris Software distribution packages. But, Applications can be deployed and can be easily configured as an external server.

Support for SAP Hana DB
This is a much expected feature after the Hybris acquired by SAP. This new exciting database to run full hybris Commerce Suite 5.1 on and to exploit the capabilities of in-memory-computing. Developers can use out-of-the-box SAP Hana analytics tools on all the data. SAP Hana DB being column based provides better out-of-the-box support for the complicated join and aggregate queries.

Coding and Testing
One of the good feature which was stalled earlier, Testing the web classes via ant feature is back and it allows for unit testing of web app logic.
The ant target is added for updating the junit tenant to allow for testing system update scenarios. corresponding Libraries updated: jgroups 3.4.1, pmd 5.0.5

Enhancements in Administration (Cockpit Frameowrk)
Services for performing CRUD operations
Access control strategies for checking (type/user) permissions
Widget API enhancements and bug fixes
Extended Actions API with support for interacting with widget sockets
More standard editors
Configuration-driven Wizard component
Localization and business object label providers

Enhancements and bug fixes related to UI configuration services
Fallback strategies for UI configurations for on-premise entities
Standard configuration schemas

Single web application environment for Backoffice environment

Commerce & Search Updates
Channel-specific pricing allows the developers to offer different product prices on mobile channels than on other web channels, in addition to the previous attributes (user price group, currency, etc). Please refer the updates to europe1 Pricing System Guide for more information.
And the Search & Navigation is now based on Apache Solr 4.5 and features many improvements and bugfixes from the previous releases.
New, user-friendly Commerce Search Backoffice enabling day-to-day tasks in search merchandising for non-technical users
Hero Products – manually configure the top products for category lists
Business Driven Result Rankings – flexible, rule-based result scoring for category lists, based on factors like inventory level, reviews, prices, etc.
Category aware Facet Navigation – choose the visible facets and their order for each category (plus a global default)
Integrates with all Accelerator Storefronts as well as Customer Service, the Omni Commerce Connect API, InStore, and Mobile Apps.

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