ATG vs Hybris

ATG vs Hybris

ATG vs Hybris

ATG vs Hybris is now really Oracle ATG vs SAP Hybris!

This a hot topic when comes to an enterprise eCommerce platform discussion. Both the products are having many top end features. Before we get in to the discussion, you may want to read these thoughts (or rants!) on the wild web.

Why Choose hybris over ATG?
Hybris vs ATG Round 2
What are the advantages of Using Hybris than ATG?
ATG vs other ecommerce java frameworks

One major drawback in both the platforms established from the discussions are

Oracle ATG: Time to Market! – How quickly we can launch a website if we implement ATG?
Hybris: Scalability! – Is there a Hybris implementation with millions of products in the catalog?

Until we come back with more discussion points, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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