Top 10 Best SaaS ECommerce Platforms in India

SaaS ECommerce Platforms fuel the power of Indian small merchants go online quickly. The online store creation almost instant and they provide tons of features as well. Here is the list of Hosted E-Commerce Platforms for serious merchants in India who wish to go online. SaaS ECommerce Platforms comes with loads of features and can take away the hassle of

Security Checklist for Magento Commerce Website

Magento is popular ecommerce platform with thousands of installations and one of the vulnerable platform as well. It is important to do routine maintenance which can provide a a good security and any Magento website by having this checklist in place. Usually, these checklist is needed before you launch and during the maintenance by Webmaster. Trust is very important for

How to go Global in eCommerce Business?

Can you believe it? 1.8 billion people will embark the consuming class by 2025, and the yearly expenditure will be around $30 trillion. Yes, Markets will definitely have the most extraordinary access across the globe. Shoppers are going to make international purchases double and merchants have to seriously give a thought on expansion on an international scale irrespective of their

Customer Retention Strategies for Holiday Shopping Websites

As per the survey conducted by the HBS (Harvard Business School), increasing customer retention rates by 5% hikes profit by 25-95%. An average business loses around 20% of its customers yearly by failing in maintaining customer relationships. In some industries, this is almost 80%. This loss is staggering and can’t be overruled. One of the golden rules for tremendous success

SEO Long Tail Key Words – An Overview

Many websites are usually thrown up in haste by their owners, without much consideration given to correctly optimising their content. They do some quick research into what keywords they should target based upon the product they wish to sell or niche they want to write about. Top SEO and eCommerce experts have been focusing on specific or Long Tail Keywords